Ne bucurăm să vă anunțăm că secțiunea ”Business Law”, din cadrul Conferinței Internaționale ” Business Revolution in the Digital Era”, coordonată de colegii noștri din cadrul Departamentului de Drept, se va desfășura online pe data de 12 iunie 2020.
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The 14th International Conference on Business Excellence
Business Revolution in the Digital Era

11-12 June 2020

Business excellence is about achieving superior business results in relation to the competitors by means of developing and strengthening the management systems and processes of an organization; it is targeted at improving performance and delivering value for all the stakeholders, in a three-dimensional space characterized by uncertainty, complexity and dynamism.

The social market economy is a model providing an appropriate framework of orientation. We promote though our conference the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung guidelines for prosperity, social justice and sustainable economic activity: legal framework, property ownership and employment, competition as the basis, application of the principle of liability, stability of the economic environment, provision of public goods by the state, solidarity and social security, incentive compatibility, sustainability, open markets.

The first goal of this international conference is to reunite specialists from the triple-helix fields: university and research, consultancy and business, and policy making pursuant to optimizing the business added value by providing a stimulating environment for knowledge and knowhow business excellence transfers and alliance formation.

The second goal of this international conference relates to bridging the Romanian business environment with the international business environment by ensuring a better understanding of new challenges, opportunities and threats generated by globalization and competition in general and in fields like energy, social entrepreneurship and others.

The third goal is to place in this newly emergent context the architecture of the business administration higher education by championing new and challenging programs meant to equip the students for a more aggressive competitive business ecosystem.

Business Law Mini Track Chair:

  • Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
  • Simona Chirică, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

The recent evolutions of the international markets forced the companies, big or small, international or national, public or private, to adapt to the new dimensions of business environment. They had to adapt, to change their way of dealing with the market, but they, also, started requesting from the states to offer them the right environment to develop, so more and more legislators, at state or federal level, struggle to find the right legal path for the business organisation in this the new economy.

The International agreements were the main form to help trade in the last decades, but now, we can see those are not enough. The markets are much more complex, they act as a living organism and the companies must adapt fast to this way of doing business. No matter we talk about their legal forms, their agreements or the specific legislation in different fields they activate, we can notice continuous transformation which implies new business models and innovation to a new economy, one based more on knowledge and less on trade.

The aim of this mini track is to analyse how much the proposals coming from the governments can help business organisations to adapt to the new economy and where should we, as specialists in business law, look for in our quest of offering a better framework for them. Also, it aims to discover how much the new digital revolution will affect the traditional way of regulating business activity, no matter we talk about creating, managing, ceasing a business or solving disputes.

The main topics covered by the hereby call for papers are related to:

  • Boards & Shareholders

  • Public companies v. Private companies

  • Liability of Managers

  • Shareholders Rights

  • Models of corporate governance around the world

  • Corporate governance regulation in EU

  • Employee involvement in the management of the companies

  • The European Company (SE) and its future

  • EU policies for business and social change

  • European Union Freedoms

  • Right of establishment

  • GDPR and its effects on companies

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • The new economy and its new rules in competition

  • Business Contracts

  • The new rules in Transfer Pricing

  • Tax avoidance and tax evasion