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Law Department provides through its teaching staff preparing all students of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies on the knowledge field of the juridical phenomenon. Achieving the mission will be done by: promoting a valuable professional body, characterized by high moral probity and the participation in research grants.

Fundamental goals:

Department of Law contributes directly to preparing students in terms of education and scientific research through their own disciplines for bachelor, master and doctorate.

Derived goals:

1. Maintaining and expanding of specific disciplines within the curricula at all levels of training;
2. Promote postgraduate courses of specialization and training;
3. Creation of master's programs in business law, international trade law, labor law and European Union law;
Promotion of teamwork in achieving the goals of the department.

List of disciplines:

I. Bachelor study

 Theory of Law, Business Law, Corporate Law, EU Law, Constitutional Law and Political Institutions, Administrative Law, Civil law, Labor Law, International Trade Law, Commercial Law.

II. Master studies

II.1. Masters of deepening: professional law, international business law, legal environment of the company in the European Union, business law, introduction to marketing law, legal regulation of contracts, European Union law, protection of the consumer; legal regime of intellectual property rights, contract law, insurance law.

II.2.  Complementary Masters: commercial law in the business environment, elements of international trade law, business law, EU law of labor; tax law, banking law, civil and commercial law.

III. PhD mentoring

In the Bucharest University of Economic Studies operates the Doctoral School - Law

IV. Postgraduate Studies:

IV.1. Of specialization: special contracts and international trade, European Union law

IV.2. Of development: international trade agreement, employment relationships of employees and public officials, legal regime of trade companies as business operators.

Head of Department

Professor Stoica F. Camelia, PhD –