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Business Law Working Papers is accessible not only in physical format, but also online, twice a year, edited by ASE Publishing House and ASE Faculty of Law, published by ASE Publishing House.




Business Law Working Papers is the journal of the students of the Faculty of Law within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. The proposal for publication and the publication of the scientific articles are free, there is no charge for the authors. The journal does not accept the publication of materials that have already been partially or fully published in other written or electronic publications. The materials sent to the scientific committee for publication may not be sent to other publications until after receiving a negative response from the Business Law Working Papers journal or after 2 months since the material was sent and no response had been received.
Business Law Working Papers mainly publishes De Lege Ferenda proposals, articles and case law commentaries in the field of law and related fields. The articles submitted must meet the conditions of coherence and follow an argumentative line in accordance with the logic of the legal matter of which the treated subject is a part.


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